What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small file. It is created by the website you visit and stored on your computer. Accessing the same website will therefore be faster and more efficient next time.

Types of cookies

  • Session cookies: they are temporarily stored by the browser, more exactly until the user leaves the website or closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies: they are stored on the computer's hard-drive and are activated everytime you visit the website that created that cookie. Persistent cookies include cookies placed by another website than the website visited by the user at that time. These are known as third-party cookies. They store the interests of a user to allow delivery of advertising which is most relevant to him/her.

Cookies used by our website uses a third-party cookie, generated by, a web analytics service. The only purpose of this cookie is to determine, on a weekly basis, the number of our website's visitors. More exactly, this cookie, called "is_unique",

  • determines whether you are a first time visitor,
  • determines whether you are a returning visitor,
  • estimates the unique visits to the website.

Refuse and deactivate cookies

Refusing and deactivating the above mentioned cookie will not impair the website's functionality. You can disable the cookie from your browser's Settings or you can go here and click the blue button Refuse StatCounter Analytics Cookies.

This website uses cookies to help us view visitor numbers. Details. That's OK!