About Us

The School

Our "Simion Mehedinți" Technical College (CTSM Codlea) is located at the entrance of Codlea, about 15 minutes by minibus or car from the much larger city of Brașov. Situated at the end of Chimiștilor street, the school is the starting place for the general school graduates in and around Codlea who are keen on making a future from such professions as accountant, mechanic, electrician, furniture designer, gastronomer or environment protection technician. Equipped with large classrooms, laboratories, workshops, computer rooms with Internet access and a Documentation and Information Center, our college instructs more than 700 students (from the 6th to the 13th grade) by means of a teaching staff of about 50 members.

Mission Statement

„Simion Mehedinţi” Technical College’s mission is to facilitate an open and flexible type of education that yields young specialists able to cope with the European standards, quickly integrate into the ever changing labor market, or continue their studies.

Our school is the only place in Codlea for initial professional training in such areas as mechanics, electronics, services, wood products manufacturing and public food services.

The diverse educational offer aims to cover the education needs at local and regional levels and considers the representative groups of interest related to our school: the students, the parents, the teachers, and the economic agents.

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